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More about me…

The LORD has put on my heart an overwhelming desire to help men be victorious in facing life issues. Depending on how men deal with these issues, men will either function effectively in their God-given roles as husbands, fathers, and leaders in the workplace and community, or else allow confusion, conflict, and uncertainty to reign through the vacuum of leadership. With this in mind, I organized Chris Burge Ministries as a vehicle to provide timely, needs-based guidance and tools to minister to local congregations and Christian communities at large. Through Chris Burge Ministries, I have developed a substantial number of teaching modules and workshops, which focus on Bible-based, practical wisdom for dealing with a number of common life issues. Chris Burge Ministries places a special emphasis on ministry to singles, and has presented at conferences, which focused on life issues of particular concern to them, such as Discovering Your Purpose, God’s Financial Plan, Overcoming Depression, and Finding Fulfillment in Life. It will be a privilege for Chris Burge Ministries to have the opportunity to share its ministry insights with your congregation.

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