The Unplanned Place


Does it sometimes seem that the harder you try the worse your circumstances get? You keep doing the right thing but wrong things keeps happening to you? At some point, we all find ourselves in an unimaginable and unexpected season of life. While this may leave you feeling hopeless, confused, and emotionally spent: it doesn’t have to. In the Unplanned Place, you’ll discover how one man in the Bible, Joseph, found himself in a place he didn't plan or even fathom. Like Joseph, you can be victorious even if you find yourself in a pit. This teaching will give you the tools needed to not only survive in that pit, but also thrive in it. You can rise from the ashes and begin to live the intentional life God has designed for you.

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Our goal is to provide Biblical solutions and guidance for your life. What does Jesus say about God, Himself, you, your life? Frankly, His opinion is the only one that matters, and when it’s appropriated into your life it will save you, transform you and empower you! Avail yourself of powerful teachings that will help you apply the truth of God’s Word in your life.

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The Unplanned Place

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